~ General Information ~

Christa's Kids is a licensed family child care.  

I believe licensing promotes the highest quality of care by requiring specific standards for the care and safety of the enrolled children.  

Licensing & What it Means.....

In Minnesota, both family and center-based child care must meet certain standards for caregiver qualifications, physical environment, number of children enrolled, and other state regulations.


Being licensed through the state means that the child care is subject to both scheduled and unscheduled visits from the licensing agency.  The intent of these visits are to make sure the program is following all of the state's mandated rules and regulations.  Any violations to the license holder can be viewed at the state's DHS Licensing look upwebsite. 

Being licensed also allows enrolled families to participate in federally funded programs such as the Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP), Child and Adult Food Care Program (CACFP) and grants through Invest Early and Think Small.  

Christa's Kids accepts payments through the CCAP program.  This includes Aitkin and St Louis counties.  Information about the program guidelines can be found on the DHS website and on our links page.

Parent Aware’s Star Ratings help parents locate programs that go above & beyond to prepare children for school and life.

Participating programs have:
• Volunteered for extra, in-depth training
• Devoted themselves to strong, caring relationships with each child
• Adopted the latest approaches to keeping children’s learning on track
• Committed to daily activities & routines that help children learn
• Placed a focus on children’s health and safety.

Community Resources can be found at parentaware.org/learn

Information on food and nutrition programs, low income support, covering health care expenses as well as housing expenses and a parent tool kit. 

Christa's Kids Child Care has been awarded the highest amount of stars possible for Parent Aware.   

This 4 star rating was received in the Spring of 2014

Christa's Kids is Green

Christa's Kids is not only committed to families and children but committed to the environment as well. 


I make an effort to be eco-friendly.  I support cloth diapering as well as recycling and reusing many common household items normally thrown away. 


Whenever possible 100% all natural products are used. Organic products are also used when available.


There are lots of ways to be green and although I am not perfect, I am proud of the efforts I do make to keep our earth healthy

Where Are We?

523 NE 8th Avenue Grand Rapids MN 55744

Christa's Kids is conveniently located in the northeast part of town, two blocks off the main highway and close to Itasca Community College as well as several other businesses.   

I am located within walking distance of Robert J. Elkington middle school and Edna I. Murphy elementary school. 

I am also on the AEOA transit route.

If you live or work in the Grand Rapids or surrounding areas, I hope you will give me a call and see if I am the right fit for your child care needs. 

Child Care Aware of Minnesota grows communities by fostering the healthy growth of children and the professional growth of child care providers. 

Child Care Aware provides statewide leadership in shaping collaborations that build a diverse, high-quality child care system accessible to all Minnesota families through local resource and referral services.

Non-discrimination Policies

In accordance with Minnesota Family Child Care licensing regulations, Christa's Kids does not discriminate against any child or family based on race, color, national origin, sex, religion, spiritual beliefs or disabilities.

Christa's Kids will make every effort possible to address any children with special needs within reason and as long as the child's needs do not require additional staff or unreasonable physical changes to the home.

Reasonable accommodation will be provided for qualified children with disabilities upon request, as specified under the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Americans with Disabilities Act discrimination issues should be referred to: 


OF JUSTICE, PO BOX 66738, WASHINGTON DC 20035- 9998, (202) 514-0301.