~ Health Policies ~

The foundation to good over all health is a good mixture of nutritious meals and snacks, sound restful sleep and lots of outdoor time in all four seasons.   

Christa's Kids includes this knowledge in planning, preparing and implementing our daily routines, schedules and activities. 

Christa's Kids is a well child program.  We are concerned and respectful of the health of ALL children in care.  Not only as individuals, but as a group. 

Statistics show that children attending group child care facilities come in contact with more germs, viruses and illnesses than the average non-attending child.  

While this can create some difficulty for the working parent, it is also a good thing as children in group care settings often build immunity to these common ailments early in life, thus making them healthier overall during their regular school years and beyond.  

Christa's Kids excludes children for symptoms and not actual ailments, conditions or diagnoses. 

The symptoms listed to the right are examples of those symptoms that qualify for exclusion from attending care :

* Undiagnosed rash

* Fever (100.0 F+)

* Vomiting 

* Diarrhea

* Contagious illnesses 

* Immunizations (48 hr)

* Inability to participate in regular daily activites

PLEASE NOTE:  Often times doctors or nurse practitioners will give parents a note stating a child is cleared to be re-admitted into care.  While their medical expertise is appreciated, ultimately it is up to the provider whether or not a child is well enough to return to care as the child's health is only one aspect of what is required to participate with regularly scheduled daily activities.  

It's also imperative that parents remember that when a child does not feel well, those feelings are amplified when thrust into an environment that is loud, noisy and active.  It also places additional responsibilities onto the provider which in turn can take away from the care and supervision the other children require.  

Remember.....our health policies are in place to protect your child and your family.  Please support us in this effort.