~ Infants & Toddlers ~

In MN licensed family child care, infants and toddlers are defined as:


Infants - children ages 6 weeks to 12 months

Toddlers  - children ages 1 year to 2 years.

Infants and toddlers have a unique set of needs that are like no other.  The focus of infant and toddler care is to provide respectful, responsive and relationship based care.

This foundation of trust allows little ones to feel safe and secure with their caregiver so that they are confident enough to explore the world around them

Leaving Your Infant/Toddler

As a parent myself, I understand how hard it is to leave your child in the care of someone else.  

Some things Christa's Kids will do to make being away from your child easier are daily contact and updates, open communication, photographing your child during the day, working with the parent to adapt and support infant and toddler care routines as well as offering parent resources and education in various areas of child growth and development. 

Please rest assured that I will try to make the transition as easy as possible. for both you and your child. 

Here are some of the things Christa's Kids Child Care offers for infants and toddlers in our program:

Flexible daily schedules (meals, naps & play time)

Daily reports and feedback about child's daily activities

Opportunities to participate in activities with peers and 
play mates

Developmentally appropriate toys, materials and equipment

Comfortable, inviting and cheerful play room

Daily blend of adult & child led activities & experiences

Continuity of care with one consistent daily caregiver

Safe and cozy sleeping area within sight AND sound

Relaxed and casual meal times that follow child's own body cues & signs

Gentle guidance in learning & mastering independence & new skills

Responsive, sensitive and trained caregiver

Lots of affection, hugs, kisses, cuddling & physical interactions. 

Meals and Snack Routines

Christa's Kids supports and encourages breast feeding.  Good eating habits and healthy brain development starts at birth.  Infants are fed on demand and learning to read and recognize each infants body signals or hunger cues is a priority. 

Nap and Rest-time Routines

Like routine eating habits, sound sleep is a cornerstone of good health and development.  Infants are provided with a safe sleeping area within sight AND sound of the caregiver at ALL times.  Infants nap based on need and not time of day. 

Diapering & Personal Hygiene Routines

Both cloth and disposable diapers are accepted at Christa's Kids.  Diapering will be immediately tended to upon need.  Good personal hygiene habits will be integrated into our daily routine from the first day of attendance. forward.  

Since infants and toddlers do not come with a users manual, there may be times in which you may need some assistance or guidance in managing common early childhood issues.  Should that occur, Christa's Kids offers a wide variety of resources and educational materials on my links page in regards to raising and caring for your child..

If you are unable to locate the resources you need on my links page, please feel free to ask me for further assistance.  Over the years, I have built an extensive library of resource information to share.

I am always happy to help support parents in their quest to be the best parent they can be.