~ Meals & Snacks ~

Christa's Kids participates with a USDA Child & Adult Care Food Program.  My sponsoring agency is Child Care Choices. 

All meals and snacks served in care meet the health and nutrition guidelines based on My Plate.  A healthy blend of proteins, grains, dairy and fruits & vegetables will be included in our daily menu. 

Fresh and organic foods will be purchased as often as available.  Home grown fresh vegetables are also a part of our meal plans and our curriculum.  Special diet requirements may be accommodated if possible.  

~ Snacks ~

* Fresh vegetables w/yogurt dip
* Homemade muffins
* Whole grain breads
* Pita chips w/hummus
* Fresh fruits
* Fruit/veggie smoothies
* Tortillas
* Peanut butter

* Bagels w/cream cheese
* A variety of cheeses
* Crackers & pretzels
* Croissants & bread sticks
* Yogurt w/ fruit

* Whole grain cereals
* Hard boiled eggs
* Cold cut roll-ups

~ Lunch ~

* Cold cut roll-ups

* Chicken bits

* Roast beef

* Eggs

* Turkey breast

* Ham

* Hot dishes (variety)

* Soups

* Roasted potatoes

* Whole grain pastas

* Pancakes/waffles

* Whole grain brown rice

* Hot cereals

* Steamed vegetables

* Beans/legumes

* Fish portions                    

Meal times are a relaxed activity at Christa's Kids.  My philosophy about eating is very laid back and casual. Children learn best through role modeling so I try very hard to have a relaxed attitude about eating and trying new things.  

Children are encouraged to try new foods but NO child is ever forced to eat something they do not want.


My role as a provider and caregiver is to serve healthy meals and snacks and it is the children's right to choose to eat or not eat.  Each snack and/or meal contains a variety of healthy meal components that will satisfy even the pickiest eater. 

Guidelines for meal pattern can be found via the links below:

Infants (6 weeks to 12 months)              Toddler/Preschool (1 year - school age)