~ Christa's Kids Child Care Program ~

My child care program emphasizes learning and understanding through both independent and guided play while promoting positive interactions and experiences with others. 

My play-based program is designed for children ages 6 months to 6 years.  

From enrollment age to school entrance, each child's natural curiosity and drive to explore their world is supported and encouraged.   

My program focuses on nurturing healthy development as well as preparation for future academic success!

Infants (6 wks to 12 mos)

The focus for infants is providing responsive, respectful, relationship-based care..

Building a secure relationship with a child is the foundation for ALL future learning

Toddlers (1 yr to 24 mos)

Continued development of secure attachment and trust through individualized care, predictable routines and consistent guidance is the main goal for this age group

Preschool (2 yrs to 5 yrs)

In preparation for continued academic success, preschoolers will learn fundamental skills aimed at meeting the common standards for kindergarten readiness. 

~ Let Them Play! ~

Play is the foundation of our daily routine.  Early childhood experts agree that children learn best when truly interested and engaged in the subject.  

Allowing children to explore their world in an environment that supports that curiosity helps them understand and process information faster and on a much deeper level than standard chair time and use of work sheets.