~ Christa's Kids Child Care Wait List ~

Choosing the right child care for your child is a daunting task and one no parent should take lightly.   Often times however, availability in the program in which we choose is not always open.  In those cases, I do offer a wait list.  When adding your name to the wait list, you will be among the first families notified when a potential opening becomes available. 


To add your family's name to the child care waiting list, please fill out the following form and submit it to me as soon as possible . I will contact you as soon as an appropriate opening becomes available


Please be sure to read the FAQ's section (below) to understand how the wait list works.

FAQ's about the waitlist

Being on a long wait list can be frustrating so we've put together a list of frequently asked questions (FAQ's) and answers with the hopes that this information will be helpful and informative for you.  

If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact me 

~ Thank you for your patience ~ 

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1.  How long is the wait?

Depending on the current child care climate in our area, the length of the waitlist can vary.  Generally, the waitlist for children under 2 is much longer than for children over age 2.  Christa's Kids is licensed to care for up to 14 children but depending on the number of children I have under two years of age, ratios will differ in each age category.

2. Do part time openings become available more often than full time?

Unfortunately part time openings are rare. as most children are enrolled full time.  Families that work a part time schedule with varying days need a full time space because of the constant change in days and hours needed.  Please see our scheduling page for more information about part time vs. full time. schedules.

3. Can I stop in anytime and have a look around?

I would be thrilled to have you stop by and visit my facility, however, in order to maintain a safe, secure and trusting environment for the families and children enrolled in my program, I prefer that you make an appointment.  Parents of enrolled children are welcome to drop in at any time, however grandparents and extended family members need to call ahead before dropping by. 

4. If my child turns two will he/she go to the bottom of the list?

My facility maintains one waitlist.  Your child's name will be added to the waitlist according to the date of application.  Families applying before you will remain higher on the list and families applying after you will remain lower on the list, regardless of the child's age.. 

5. How come a family who applied after us was offered a space first?

Priority will always be given to siblings of children currently enrolled.  However, there may be times in which a family who applied later than your family will be given the space.  This will ONLY happen if the family's requested schedule better matches the current opening or availability.  For example, a family looking for full time care may be offered the space if another family higher on the waitlist only wants a part time space. 

6. Will we get updates about where we are on the list?

Unfortunately, I do not send out updates about waitlist status as my current families/children keep me plenty busy.  However, families on the wait list are always welcome to e-mail me at any time to see where you are or if any changes have occurred.  

7. What if we find alternate arrangements while on the waitlist?

If at any time, your child care needs change or you no longer wish to be on my waitlist, I would appreciate a quick e-mail or phone call so that I may keep the information on my waitlist as current as possible. 

8. Is there any way to get a spot sooner?

The best way to secure a spot in any child care is to start your search as soon as possible.  State licensing ratios and regulations have a big impact on the number of child in certain age categories that I can have in care at one time..   Infant and toddler openings are the hardest spaces to find so start your search early.  

Full time space is always filled before part time spaces.   I do my best to work with part time families but often times, the varying schedules make it impossible to fill the gaps.  Requesting a full time space will guarantee your spot and will help you get farther up the wait list faster. 

9. Can you recommend another provider or center while we wait?

While I do network with other providers in the area, I don't like to give referrals as choosing a child care provider should be a personal experience and based on your family's individual needs.  I will however, be glad to direct you to Child Care Resource and Referral.  Their agency has a list of all licensed family child care providers in the area who may have openings.  

10.  What happens next?

The waiting list offers "right of first refusal" for available openings; families will be offered available openings according to priority, date of application, and how closely the requested child care schedule fits the available opening. After being offered an opening you have 48 hours to accept or decline the offered opening. If you choose to decline the opening your name will be moved to the bottom of the waiting list or removed if you are no longer interested in my program .

If you choose to accept the opening you must submit a completed enrollment Intent/Acceptance form with the enrollment fee within 48 hours to hold the opening.